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New minisupercomputer organization – for Science

To create ..

a flexible customizable small scale HPC cluster with a performance comparable to some tier 2 systems currently in use by VSC gent. Aimed at high throughput and easy accessibility. Designed by technicians and scientists alike in order to create an unique resource with the potential to accelerate and improve scientific progress for small or mid size research groups.

To be used ..

by scientific organizations with a non-profit spirit in mind. It will be our primary goal to make the field of HPC less daunting for the non initiated in order to expand the accessibility and availability of HPC resources for organisations in dire need. Provide a platform to test new or developing software before production time is spend on big scale clusters.

The need for ..

computing resources is ever expanding and the race for the exaflop is on. Our focus lays with the smaller, none the less potentially groundbreaking, research projects that can’t find the necessary resource to reach their full potential. Broviding a small/cheaper platform we aim to bring HPC science closter to the right scientists.

A Developing program looking at HPC for Science

The idea is that there is a heavily growing need of scientists who are in search for affordable HPC/HTC computational simulation resources. Resources like HPC or HTC bare-metal clusters, single virtual instances, complex virtual network architectures, HTC cloud environments, big data storage pools, etc .. It all depends on the need of specific groups of researchers. With this project we aim to support that part of the scientific community aimed at small/starting research programs with a new flexible platform. Organizations, universities or a group of researchers are all the target public only when there is a non-profit spirit in mind and with the goal to improve and revolutionize science. Driven by passion, new ideas and innovation.

With this website it is our goal to gather enough information from scientists themselves to discover what kind of new HPC/HTC scientific simulation platform is in demand. We start with an idea, exploring what is needed and figuring out how to realize that in a technical sense. A scientific simulation platform can be many things as well as many things at the same time, it is therefore very important to meet the needs of people on the field. ICT is evolving in such a rapid pace we rather design a complete scientific system in close cooperation with You, the scientist so our first platform can be used for many years.

As it can be hard to start a minisupercomputer project with no major support from entities with financial resources, however we believe it can still be possible with the correct view on current day situations/demand and exactly as possible answering to the specific needs of scientists who need the resources to get progress with their research programs. We trie to address not so much the financial side though more the practical approach to create a HPC platform that scientists need for research and/or developing software. It is our job once the goals are clear to build a financial plan that works and find funding for it. This can be but is not limited to government grants, private investors, universities and even crowd funding.

The website is designed to address many different subjects about this idea so it’s possible to discuss them separately.
To get involved head over to our forum. Every specific subject or idea is outlined in great detail.
Or post Your thoughts as a comment on this website.

Get involved, respond and think with us to help us help You in Your research!
Your feedback will be used to tune the project as fine as possible to the needs of Your research.