Centralize your scientific research.

GSC in briefWhy the need
color-circles-network-logo-business-33896243GSC has the aim to provides data storage, computing and virtual network environments for scientific research. It is a Open Source cloud which is working on centralizing data science research and to simplify acces to both public and private datasets.

If a platform makes it easy to share, access and analyse big / small scientific data collections it will help a great deal in scientific progress, both for the individual student as for a scientific research program. Minimizing setup time to have your analysis done together with safe and long time storage of your datasets makes for a ideal platform to centralize computer science.
color-circles-network-logo-business-33896243The infrastructure needed for the complex analysis of modern size datasets is no longer manageble for individual scientists or students. Setting up your own research labs can take as much time as trying to analyze your data.

Centralizing the workspace together with being able to share your work makes things much more efficient. As Cloud Computing is already at an advanced state it is time to move beyond computing’s golden age of steam. Lets move forward to much safer, more efficient and cheaper platforms to get your analysis done. We want to bring the 'computing socket' next to the power socket right into your home or university at a affordable price.

We are a non profit startup organization aimed to create a community based online platform to centralize and advance scientific data research, both individual (students, researchers, ..) and on a project or organizational level. Creating a affordable and easy to use data science ecosystem in which the scientific community can house, share and analyse there private and public datasets. Where preconfigured software environments are available, easy to share and inter-connectable with each other. Analizing and creating data will be possible via building and sharing virtual machines with whatever tools nescessary to answer your research questions. In time it will even be possible to discuss the hardware and software backend of the cluster.

It is important to note that we are in a startup phase, currently running our first POC setup and planning to switch to a datacenter environment. This also means we are activly searching for people to use and test the platform, working methods and request features You need for Your work. As this will be the main focus of the project, creating what is needed, we need as much input from our users and community as possible. Communication in both directions will be key.

We aim to become a non profit organization in time, this has direct impact on who will be aligable to request for resources. In short, everybody is eligable as long as your research doesn directly lead to corporate advancements. Doing research to make (more) profit doesn’t fit our line of tough. Have a look at our ‘Request for resources’ page to see if you are eligable.
We do this out of passion for science and knowledge, to help advance our collective scientific progress in a modern and inovative way.

How can I get involved?

Request for ResourcesContribute to GSC
By using the resources of this project you contribute to the development of it. We ask for feedback from our users to fine tune settings and add new features. View our Request for Resources page to find out if you or your project are eligible.Help develop the Cloud backend or help other users setup there analytics environments. As we are aiming to become a community driven project it will always be benefitial for everyone if some of us contribute to the work of others.
Apply for compute and storage.Become a partner
Request resources to do your scientific based research or analyze the work of others.Your organization can become a partner